Frequently Asked Questions

There's no such thing as a stupid question, only stupid people.

We have a very transparent pricing structure based on daily rates. Just let us know what you need and we can tell you how many days it will take to plan, shoot and edit. For example, a standard promotional video of less than 60 seconds could take 1 day to plan, 1 day to shoot and 3 days to edit.

For each project we will give you recommendations on what you need to make the project a success. Our standard day rates include: 

Pre-production: Planning, location scouting, models and prop sourcing, permits, lighting plans, directors treatment, shot list, royalty free music options, reference videos. 

Production: 4K cinema camera, director and 1 camera operator, sound, basic lighting. 

Post-Production: Editing and sound design, music mixing, colour balancing and colour grading, mastering, royalty free music (not for television).

Backup and storage: A nice comfy place for your media to hibernate in case you need it again someday.  

Your brief might require additional extras such as extra camera operators, sound technicians, additional lighting, multiple edits, studio space, hired locations. 

Models and studio hire are billed directly, we do not add any administration fees. 

Tell us as much as you can about your idea for an accurate quote. If cost control is a concern then we can help you work within your budget. 

Yes, we can make your video suitable for any platform. We can also make shorter and longer edits. Let us know what you require and we will include it in the editing quote. 

Talent. We hope our work speaks for itself!

Local crew. We believe in the talent of Indonesian filmmakers and photographers. Other than the company owners, we only employ the very best, local crew who are well trained and experienced in their field.

We have integrity. We are totally upfront and honest with our clients at every step of the production, keeping them informed and in control. If you would like to speak to our previous clients to verify our claim, we can hook you up. 

We are fast editors! Having worked in the pressure cooker of big agencies, we know how to edit fast and with precision. The faster we are, the faster you get your content and the less you pay in editing costs. Where necessary, we are able to offer onsite edits, this is useful for content that needs to go live the same day.

Free changes. We include a free allocation of re-editing time for each project if you want to make any changes.

We can get the job done. By the time they come to us, many people have tried less experienced content producers and had a bad experience. We can get it right the first time round and save you money and stress. 

Pricing. We are very competitively priced within the market and great value for international clients looking to film in a tropical location. Tell us what you need and we can give you a quick quote. 

Flexible. We have a flexible and responsive approach to overcoming any production challenges. We’re ready to meet deadlines when others can’t and make things happen for your brand.

Legal. We are fully licensed to conduct business in Indonesia and have the appropriate visas. Don’t run the risk of hiring anyone who is not! 

Our pricing is very competitive and for this reason we don’t offer discounts on single products. If you are interested in commissioning a large volume of work then we can save costs in certain areas and pass these savings on to you. When requesting a quote, please provide as much information as possible including the number of versions and edits you would need.

Yes, we have access to a few studios on the island that are suitable for product shoots, music videos and promotional videos.

Initial Meeting: Overcrank and Client have a meeting to discuss initial ideas and the scope of the project.

Invoice 1: Client pays a 50% deposit to secure the production.

Research & Ideas Development: Overcrank researches ideas, styles and music in accordance with Client’s brief. At this point more creative ideas will be discussed.

Directors Treatment: Overcrank will present the client with a creative treatment that outlines in detail the intended outcome of the film.


– Dates of production are decided

– Crew and equipment booked

– Casting, talent, participants booked

– Location scouts, permits/permissions obtained

– Scripting or storyboarding if necessary

Production: Filming takes place.

Invoice 2: Client pays 25% of the invoice.


– First draft of film is complete

– Client reviews film

– Client feedback is implemented

– Client reviews final film

Invoice 3: Client pays final 25% of the invoice

Final Delivery: Overcrank sends the final files to the client.