5 Recommended Studios for Photo and Video Shoots in Bali

The outcomes from a shoot that’s done in a studio are always impressive and astonishing in various ways. This is why people who want to get a professional photo or video done always try to do it in a professional studio. The need for seeking the right space to record your video or podcast that has adequate lighting and props to support your video will be fulfilled when you can find the right studio to rent. Explore the following options for photo and video studios in Bali; let’s delve into them!

Balism Studio

One of the newest studios in Bali, the studio is big enough that you can shoot a vehicle in it and has the right access to do so. It also has a motorised aluminium truss, a wet set studio and their own rental equipment for any photo and video shoots. Our media production company, Overcrank Media, has done a couple of projects in the studio so we can let you know that the owner and the staff of Balism Studio are great at supporting productions.

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Project X Studio

Project X Studio is a studio where you can do a photo and video shoot that is located in Tibubeneng, Bali. Project X Studio offers a spacious clean space with a full set of equipment that you need for your shoots. Project X Studio has enough space to handle a medium size production crew, and it is a good studio for anyone who wants to do a simple yet professional looking shoot.

Genesis Creative Center

Genesis Creative Center is the perfect place to film, host a webinar or record a video podcast. Their studio is equipped with soundproof foams, lighting, and props that will make your video look clean, professional and stand out. Beside their video studio, Genesis Creative Center also offers a studio for product and fashion shoots.

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Lighthouse Studio

At Lighthouse Studio, you can do video and audio production because they offer professional studio spaces that you rent and each studio is a professionally acoustic treated space. Each studio is designed for different types of video shoots, but they offer their studios for video podcast, webinar, workshops, performances, live streaming and even a video/film production.

Movie Studio Bali

If you’re looking for a big space for your big video and film production, Movie Studio Bali is the right place for you. Movie Studio Bali has the biggest studio in Bali, and their space accommodates a bigger production crew, so your film production house has nothing to worry about if the production is on the bigger size. Movie Studio Bali also comes with the latest equipment that you can rent, and an art department that can do set designs, custom wigs, makeup and special effects makeup as well as prosthetics for your film production. 

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